On December 8, 1951, on invitation of Mr. John Hugenholtz (Zandvoort), a meeting was arranged in the building of the FIA, at the Place de la Concorde in Paris. As a result of this meeting an organization was founded
under the name "Fédération des Directeurs de Circuit". The following circuit managers were present: Mr. Dr. G. Bacciagaluppi (Monza, Italy), Mr. J. Buisseret (Chimay, Belgium), Mr. J. Hall (Brands Hatch, United Kingdom), Mr. J. Hugenholtz (Zandvoort, The Netherlands), Mr. Kappel and Mr. Schöpfer (Hockenheim, Germany), Mr. Koll and Dr. Schüling (Nürburgring, Germany), Mr. Peix (Montlhéry, France) and Mr. J. Rick (Grenzlandring, Germany).

Mr. Hugenholtz was appointed as president. On September 10-11, 1952 the Fédération met in Milan for the first time. The name was changed into "Association Internationale des Directeurs de Circuit" and a Committee, consisting of Mr. Bacciagaluppi, Mr. Hüttebräucker (Nürburgring) and Mr. Hugenholtz (General Secretary), was appointed to preside the AIDC. In 1955, on February 1-3, the Association met again in Reims. The name was then changed into “Association des Circuits Permanents (A.I.C.P.)”. On May 15, 1981 the name was changed into “Circuits International/Association Internationale des Circuits Permanents”.

C.I./A.I.C.P. Presidents
1951 - 1952 Mr. John Hugenholtz (Zandvoort, The Netherlands)
1953 - 1954 Mr. John Hugenholtz (Zandvoort, as General Secretary)
1955 - 1977 Mr. Roche/Mr. J. Finance/Mr. L. Sven (Francorchamps)
1978 - 1979 Marquis Fernando de Cubas (Jarama, Spain)
1979 - 1980 Mr. Dr. Giuseppe Bacciagaluppi (Monza, Italy)
1981 - 1987 Mr. John Webb (Brands Hatch, United Kingdom)
1988 - 1994 Mr. Rainer Mertel (Nürburgring, Germany)
1994 - 2007 Mr. Hans Ernst (Zandvoort, The Netherlands)
2007 - 2009 Mr. Dr. Walter Kafitz (Nürburgring, Germany)
2009 - 2011 Mr. Hans Ernst (Zandvoort, The Netherlands)

Honorary members
John Hugenholtz (Zandvoort) 10-10-57 Trésorier Honoraire
Werner Strahm 10-10-62 Secrétaire Honoraire
John Baus 10-10-73 Consieller Honoraire
Jean Savale (Rouen) 09-10-74 Honorary Vice-President